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Exciting New Changes - Online Payments / Docusign

The Coronavirus has had a great effect on us all but we've been taking some time to evaluate how we serve our clients and are excited about some changes that we have implemented! We now offer an online payment portal as well as esignature capabilities. A brief summary follows:

Online payment portal - Clients can now make payments online using a checking account or credit card! The fee is $3 for a checking account or 2.5% for a credit card. Please click our Payments button and select which agency carries your insurance.

DocuSign for signature of applications - DocuSign is very user friendly and with the click of a few buttons and the swipe of a finger your applications and policy changes can be signed from the comfort of your home! Here are some instructions and a quick video that explain the process to you:

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

-Inter-Ocean Insurance Staff

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